Notes on Prices

These prices are meant to give you a general idea for cost estimates. The only way to know for sure how much your animation will cost is to talk with us and let us send you a proposal or detailed estimate.

Everything is negotiable because we understand budgets are limited. But keep in mind: quality is vital and comes from knowledge and experience, which is never free.

Animated Content

  • Custom FeatureAverage Price
    Image gallery$100 - $500
    Banners, sliders, carousels$200 - $500
    Retro Splash page or similar$300+
    Web Presentation slide show style$75+ per slide
    Web Presentation scrolling style$100+ per section


  • FeatureAverage Price
    Basic contact form$50 - $100
    Questionnaire, complex forms$150 - $900

User Interactive

  • FeatureAverage Price
    Custom mini-app interfaces like calculators, etc$100 - $700
    Interactive charts, graphs, and other data displays$100 - $700
    Simple games$700 - $1000

Need a Programming Estimate?

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