Notes on Prices

These prices are meant to give you a general idea for cost estimates. The only way to know for sure how much your animation will cost is to talk with us and let us send you a proposal or detailed estimate.

Everything is negotiable because we understand budgets are limited. But keep in mind: quality is vital and comes from knowledge and experience, which is never free.

Simple Animation

No “hand-drawn” elements in frame by frame animation; animating text, icons, still images or previously created assets.

Classic Animation

The traditional form, like anime or cartoons: frame by frame, shape tweens, characters or objects in in motion or performing actions.


    Type / LinkPrice
    Single shape tweens (morph from one shape to another)$50 - $200
    Complex animated GIF / logo$300 - $1000
    Story telling animation / Animated infographics$700 - $5000 *